Shannon Ulster Titanic Society
2b Beverley Hills, Bangor. co down. Northern .Ireland   BT 20 4NA. Telephone: 02891 462324

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Nomadic Homecoming Reception

(L-R) David Scott-Beddard with the President of the Nomadic Preservation Society Sir Andrew Duff-Gordon,
with Howard Nelson, Titanic Heritage Trust and Patrick Toms, Founder, Shannon, Ulster Titanic Society

Picture Courtesy of the Department for Social Development.

Shannon Ulster Titanic Society (S-U-T-S)
Established since March 1992

The S-U-T-S is telling the story about my grandfather, who lost his life on board the Titanic.
It�s a family tragedy and will remember all lost life�s on sea.
Cooperation�s with the T-H-T and the T-M-G will help to preserve this history for the future and the next generations.
New members also welcome, here in Northern Ireland!
Patrick Toms, President Shannon Ulster Titanic Society � S-U-T-S

For more information or membership details (national or worldwide), please contact me via e-mail or one of the follows organisations. Thank you!

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Shannon Ulster Titanic Society was the first Titanic Society in Northern Ireland.