Buoyancy rings and life vests in the Titanic Ship


A life jacket comes in two types. It is made using an inflatable or buoyant material. It helps the human body to remain floating in the water. There are two kinds – non-inflatable life jacket and inflatable life jacket. There should be one life jacket for every passenger on the board. The life jacket should have a whistle tightened by a lanyard. It is necessary to check the whistles and lights of the life jacket as its performance can degrade if they are not up to the mark.

The Titanic ship had sufficient life vests as well as buoyancy rings. Both plays an important part in saving lives especially in the emergency situation. It is necessary for the ship to have various kinds of life saving appliances. The emergency situations cannot be predicted, and it can occur anytime. No matter the ship is huge, steady and strong, it should come with lifesaving appliances. The maintenance and operating procedures of these appliances should be known to the staff members.

In the Titanic ship, there was not a shortage. In fact, it has more than three thousand and five hundred life vests on the inventory. When examined, no people complained regarding shortage or lack of vests. The construction of the vests was so good. It was designed from canvas and cork.

The Titanic carried more than forty eight buoyancy rings. It remains as a decorative element than a useful one to the passengers. As the Titanic ship got immersed in the warmer water, the floating vessel remained useful only to a certain extent. Most people got drowned due to the temperature of the water and climate. It was said that the water was almost one degree Celsius in temperature, and it remained dangerous if a person is exposed more than fifteen minutes in this water. The main three elements for the shipwreck include buoyancy rings and life vests, wireless radio system, and watertight compartments.

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