How the Titanic Movie Led to Many Popular Songs

titanic soundtrackTitanic is a film which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It was directed by James Cameron and it featured one romantic song which has captured the hearts of millions of listeners all over the world. This song is, “My Heart Will Go On” and it was recorded by Canadian singer, Celine Dion. Dion’s perfect intonation and passion were audible in every single note. This wrenching song was amazingly popular, just as the film was, and it remains a classic today.

The Soundtrack Sold Many Copies

Since people who loved “My Heart Will Go On” typically purchased the entire Titanic soundtrack, in order to access this one tune, they also discovered some other wonderful tunes and these songs became popular also. After all, this soundtrack sold an astounding thirty million copies. It’s actually one of the best-selling records ever! So, a lot of people have listened to every song on the soundtrack. Nonetheless, “My Heart Will Go On” is definitely the most famous popular song from the Titanic movie.

“My Heart Will Go On” played during the final credits. It’s a song that people heard as they pondered the fate of Jack and Rose. It’s safe to say that many people were in tears when they heard this tune for the first time. Dion’s beautiful voice captured the tragic love story of Titanic to perfection.

Other Popular Tunes from Titanic

One other popular song from this film was called “Southhampton” and it was quite uplifting in terms of the film’s tragic theme. This song is meant to symbolize the majesty of the Titanic before it hit and iceberg and sank. The song features choral voices which are electronic, as well as snare drum sounds. Another song on the soundtrack is “Never an Absolution”, which is a sad and melancholy tune. It features a theme which is characterized by traditional Irish pipes and the voice of singer, Sissel Kyrkjebo.

Why Are Soundtracks So Popular?

Soundtracks allow listeners to travel back in time, to when they saw a film for the first time. They are evocative as listening to them brings certain scenes from movies back into the minds of listeners. Soundtracks for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters are composed by masters with years or decades of experiences and this is why these wonderful soundtracks often win Oscars and captivate listeners.

Each song in a soundtrack is matched to a specific cinematic moment. Since films typically have so many moods, soundtracks often have an array of facets as well. They are very rich and dimensional and this is why the best examples of soundtracks become timeless classics.

The best way to learn more about the popular songs from Titanic is to listen to them today. You may purchase the soundtrack in many different formats or listen to snippets from the soundtrack on YouTube. However you choose to listen, you’ll find that the songs are of the highest quality. While tunes from Titanic may not suit everyone’s tastes, they were appropriate matches for the action onscreen.

Another strategy is to pop some corn and sit back and watch Titanic from start to finish. If you have home theatre, you’ll be able to enjoy the soundtrack as the movie plays. A state of the the art DJ speaker system should allow you to enjoy this exceptional soundtrack as you watch.

Titanic was probably more popular with females than males. It showcased the handsomeness and charm of Leonardo DiCaprio in a whole new way. He therefore became the dream man of millions of women all over the world. Many women will always have a soft spot for DiCaprio because of Titanic. This movie and soundtrack were both pop culture phenomenons.

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