Lifeboats in the Titanic Ship


Titanic is a large and grand ship that immersed in the ocean by chance. It was not an expected wreck. The ship has a large number of advanced technologies and safety features. The construction of the ship was considered highly superior to any other ships of that time. The founders were confident that it would perfect more than their expectation, but the wreck made the crew and passengers disappointed.


The lifeboats are usually seen in all ships. The Titanic did not contain sufficient lifeboats to carry the passengers during an emergency. It was a true disappointing fact. It did not even have lifeboats to carry at least half the number of passengers. There were two reasons for the lack of lifeboats on the ship. The first reason was there were no proper rules and regulations for a lifeboat. There is no rule that every person in the boat should have a seat in the lifeboat. It had lifeboats less than the minimally required. It was so less and performed worst. The second reason was the designers of the Titanic did not want to fill the boats with lifeboats that they do not use.

Moreover, the most disappointing fact was when the ship was hit by the iceberg, several people tried to escape using the lifeboats. When the lifeboat was dipped in the water, it did not occupy near to its capacity. The crew of the Titanic was not well versed in deploying the lifeboats. They were not properly trained regarding its launch and deployment. The number two lifeboat was tested few weeks before the ship was launched. It was tested and proved that it can carry seventy people but managed to hold only seventeen people. The passengers and crew found that getting a seat on the lifeboat is the only option to escape death. If the lifeboats were carried successfully, it could have saved more than 3547 people.

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