Some Important Facts About Titanic

titanic fact

You would have mostly come across Titanic ship and story through books or movies. Well, it is the largest ship in world history to sink due to hitting an iceberg. It has remained as a reason to loss several lives. The sinking of Titanic still remains as an unexpected incident. The travellers travelling on the ship were at high hopes, and they did not expect that their journey would so quickly. There are several facts that are not revealed about Titanic. Consider yourself lucky to go through these facts since it is not known to people.

The Titanic smashed the iceberg exactly at 11.40 PM. The incident happened on April 14, 1912. The Titanic ship sunk two hours after beating the iceberg.

When the Titanic took off, there were some plans changed. If the plans have not been changed, it would have helped to save numerous lives. They planned to drill a lifeboat on the board of the Titanic the same day it sunk. Captain Smith annulled the drill due to some other reasons.

The lifeboats used by people for recovering themselves on the board were not in full capability. It did not perform up to the mark. If it has helped to full extent, then lots of lives would have been saved. For instance, the lifeboat with a capacity to carry sixty five people could not hold more than twenty four members. The lifeboats could have assisted to help more people if it has performed well. Though there were only, it could have been packed to its complete capacity and saved people.

The Californian was the nearest ship located to the Titanic. The distress signals were sent, but the ship failed to respond. It came to help after a long time. The crew members of the ship Californian alerted the captain when they noticed the distress flares coming from the Titanic. They saw the flared in the skies and informed their captain. It was said that the captain of Californian did not give any orders to rescue the people in Titanic. The bad luck was the wireless operator working in the Californian went to sleep early that day, and there was none to attend the calls or respond the distress signals.

Molly Brown: Unforgettable Person in the Titanic History


If you have watched the movie Titanic, you can easily trace out how the ship destroyed in a large ocean. It still remains as an unimaginable, unsinkable and unforgettable story. Molly Brown is one of the survivors of the shipwreck. Her story is clearly explained in the Hollywood movie, and it has been recorded in history too. Do you know about Margaret Tobin Brown in real life? Well, you need to some interesting things about her. These details are taken from history books.

Just like other women of that generation, Margaret Tobin Brown is highly educated women. She attended grammar school till she was thirteen years old. She started to work in a Garth Tobacco factory. Her work was to strip the tobacco leaves. She visited Leadville during her teenage stage. She started to study and also worked as a tutor. She worked three hours every day to support her educational expenses. It is said that Margaret Tobin Brown was the first women in New York to study at the Carnegie Institute. Margaret Tobin Brown was fluent and well versed in several languages. She lectured throughout the country on politics and literature.

Margaret Tobin Brown was a social campaigner. She started to work as a social activist when she was in Leadville. She helped the children in Denver. She did a worthy social job, and her commitment towards social activity remains unforgettable. She advocated for day care and public parks. She assisted to establish an adolescent court system which would safeguard children from captivity with adult criminals.

Margaret Tobin Brown was a humanitarian. She is a moderate wealthy woman. She supported various social causes and programs that include construction of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Cathedral of the Immaculate Formation in Denver. She is the chairperson of the Great Titanic Survivor’s Committee. In Washington DC, she assisted to construct a memorial for the Titanic survivors. It is still present and active till date.

She is not confined to the parlour or a Victorian woman. She is a crazy lover of the adventure of travel. She has travelled to various parts of the world, met several travel people and even published travel articles in abroad and in the United States. She learned acting in the tradition of Sarah Bernhardt. She also performed on the stage in New York and Paris.

She is an excellent woman who is well versed in balanced career and family. Apart from these activities, she took care of five children. She was in charge of her three nieces, and her daughter and son.