The Watertight Compartments in the Titanic Ship


Many legends believed that Titanic is a ship that is hard to sink. In reality, the belief became false. It is impossible to construct any unsinkable ship. The wreck of Titanic remained as a lesson, and the shipbuilders have started to design with more focus and concentration. The ship builders have taken several steps to excel in the entire ship construction process.

The most important reason for the ship to get sink is the watertight compartments. The Titanic received the title in the media and press because of the feature innovative watertight compartments.

There have been sixteen watertight containers. It was controlled by watertight doors. When the ship was hit by the berg, the water could not trap the entire vessel. The worst part is the ship started to sink slowly, and the passengers were made to evacuate in quick time. A chain reaction has happened when the iceberg hit the Titanic. The berg hit the starting six compartments, and the remaining compartments were watertight. As more compartments got filled up with water, swifter the Titanic sank.

The watertight compartment was labelled from A to P. Most people came to the E deck. The D to O bulkheads was part of the engine and boiler rooms. It was filled with vertically sliding watertight doors. It was the own design of Harland and Wolf. The door was left in the open position. If the clutch is activated, the door cannot be opened locally. It can be opened on a remote based as mentioned in the control panel.

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