What Did the Bedrooms Look Like on the Titanic? What Was Inside?

inside titanicThe best way to find out the answer to this question is to logon to Netflix and watch the movie, Titanic. This film was created with painstaking attention to detail and this means that the bedrooms shown in the film looked just like those on the actual Titanic. Basically, the boat was divided into sections, and the bedrooms looked different depending on the class of ticket which was purchased.

People who could afford the highest class of rooms were able to enjoy home-like bedrooms with elegant vanity tables, full-sized beds with high quality mattresses, rugs and plenty of home accessories. These staterooms were rather luxurious. Down in the lower-class levels of the ship, bedrooms were far from luxurious. For example, the ship’s crew, who manned the boilers and took care of other essential tasks, would typically bed down on simple bunk beds and there would be a few to several of these bunks in each room.

Rich People Had Nicer Bedrooms

The Titanic film really exposed the difference between the upper and lower classes. However, this isn’t the only resource for seeing how bedrooms looked on the ship. There is so much interest in the Titanic and there is actually a Titanic museum which opened a few years ago in Ireland. This museum is known as the Titanic Experience and it features a lot of exhibits which show how the boat looked on the inside and outside. So, do consider checking out the museum website for photos, or plan a trip to the museum on your own.

People are fascinated by the Titanic. It was believed to be unsinkable and it was one of the most modern and impressive ships of its time. However, it did hit an iceberg and sink in frigid waters. Since so many people lost their lives the night that the Titanic sank, it’s become an example of human fallibility and tragedy.

It’s safe to say that no one on board thought their trip would be anything but pleasant. Many rich people spent a fortune in order to access staterooms with fancy bedrooms and an array of other perks. Even those in the lower-class rooms likely had to spend quite a bit for very simple and basic accommodations.

Bedrooms for the upper classes looked quite a bit like bedrooms in upper-class homes. Overall, the upper-class areas of the ship were the height of elegance, including the dining rooms, decks, ballrooms and sitting rooms.

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